Free online Diploma in Educational Psychology

Educational psychology is concerned with how students learn and develop. It emphasizes trends in educational development while also focusing on educational diversity. For teachers and trainers to fulfil their instructional role most effectively, their teaching methods must be grounded in educational psychology. Educational psychology provides a framework for teachers and trainers to plan, create and deliver effective lessons, and assess each student's learning. 

In this free online course, you will explore the topic of educational psychology in detail. Key development theories related to the learning process are examined and practical classroom examples are supplied to engage the you throughout the course. Vital material about student diversity is also presented, including strategies and information about working with students with special educational needs. 

This free online course will be of great interest to professionals in the education sector who would like a greater knowledge and understanding of educational psychology.


To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments. A link to purchase your Diploma certificate will then appear under the My Certificates heading of your My Account page.


Having completed this course, you will be able to: 
- Describe the process of learning in terms of educational learning theory;
- Differentiate between the two major learning theories: behaviorism and constructivism;
- Compare and contrast the two subtypes of constructivism: psychological constructivism and social constructivism;
- Identify various psychologists, philosophers and researchers associated with educational learning theory;
- Provide everyday examples of development related theories in practice;
- Discuss trends in student development;
- Identify key cognitive, social and moral development theories;
- Discuss physical, social, academic and cognitive difference in gender roles;
- Identify how cultural differences affect a student’s educational experience;
- Describe the fundamentals of special education;
- Describe the main types of disabilities encountered in the mainstream classroom;
- Generate a basic individual education plan for a student with special educational needs;
- List practical strategies for assisting and teaching students with special educational needs.

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