Free online course Sales Techniques - Interacting with Customers

The free online course Sales Techniques - Interacting with Customers will give you vital knowledge and understanding of 'the human interface' when meeting, greeting and interacting with customers. 

The course begins by introducing you to sales and selling as a career. You will learn about the fundamental questions customers will ask and why people should buy from you. The course then teaches you about the human interface. You will learn about body language and how important it is when interacting with customers. The course also shows you the five general signs to look out for when people are lying, and you will learn about different selling approaches to take when someone is resistant to change.

Next, you will be introduced to sales communication skills. You will learn how to approach a potential customer and question them in the right way. You will be taught about active listening and how to be clear and precise with your speech and writing. The course also describes the different phases that makeup any presentation, what you should do while you are presenting and how you can give a winning presentation. 

This course will be of great interest to sales people, entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone looking to improve their sales skills and techniques.


To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments. A link to purchase your Diploma certificate will then appear under the My Certificates heading of your My Account page.


Having completed this course you will be able to:
- Explain why selling is a business discussion.
- Describe what makes up the Human Interface.
- List the five general signs of people lying.
- Discuss how to improve your communication.
- Describe how to give a winning presentation.
- Discuss how people will and won’t accept change and new technologies.

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