Free online course: Managing People from a Global Perspective

Managing People from a Global Perspective

Learn people management practices and human resource toolsets to build high-performing cross-cultural and global teams.
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Started on January 9, 2017

About this course

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In this business and management course, you will learn how to achieve organizational success through positive and growth focused employee management.
You will learn current strategies for managing people in a complex, volatile global context. Starting with the basics of achieving optimal team success and the importance of managing both task and process. You will also focus on the characteristics found among high performing teams, as well as characteristics needed for success in exceptional genius/virtuoso, virtual and multicultural teams. You will also examine how to shape others’ behaviors in a global environment via basics of operant conditioning, the “3 Rs” and reward design.
Additionally, the course explores the concept of culture as applied to organizational and location-based perspectives. You will examine personal experiences of workplace change, concepts and strategies for overcoming resistance and managing change. Relating in a multicultural environment, you will also explore strategies for balancing generosity and productivity, as well as how to avert, evaluate and overcome conflict among employees.

What you'll learn

  • Best management practices for today’s global business environment
  • How to build and maintain top-notch teams
  • How to raise the performance bar through coaching, goals and tools
  • How to apply grounding concepts and strategies for observing and reading culture
  • How to graph the relationship between workplace generosity and productivity
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