Youth Photography Contest for ASEAN Member Countries, 2017

The EU Mission to ASEAN is proud to present for the first time the EU-ASEAN Youth Photography Competition. Photography Competition is open to the students from one of the ten ASEAN Member States.
As part of contract 4, we are preparing two youth competitions. The first competition will be conducted during the second semester of 2016, in which the whole chain of the program, from submission date until the announcement event, will take place from mid-October until the first week of December.
This competition will be organized across the 10 ASEAN member countries in cooperation with the EU Mission to ASEAN. To this end, we will prepare materials for digital use, such as content plan, social media banners, etc. We will also prepare the content and design for the landing page.
Target Audience
High school, university students, and young professionals (15-25 years old).
  • Determine concept: theme, mechanism, timeline and prizes
  • Determine rules of the competition
  • Prepare website and digital materials for social media
  • Implement competition
  • Select one winner per country, announce winners and provide prizes
Concept: Theme, Mechanism, Timeline & Prizes
As previously discussed, this photography competition will focus more on citizens, with the broad theme ‘connecting people’. This concept aligns with the fact that closer people-to people contacts are a core component of the deepening EU-ASEAN partnership, and in line with the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint. Using a photography competition is a compelling opportunity to engage the public, especially the younger generation, to express in a creative way how they perceive their surroundings. Inspired by the vibrant friendship of the EU and ASEAN that has been established since 1977, the participants are asked to share the unique culture of ASEAN. Upholding “Unity in Diversity” as the common spirit for both the people of the EU and ASEAN, we would like them to capture and narrate that spirit through their lens, and share it to the social media with the tagline #PeopleofASEAN.
Until 26 Oct: Determine concept, prepare competition rules, and write-ups for landing page.
26 Oct-15 Nov: Website development, including preparation until approval.
16 Nov-31 December: Call for photo entries (30 days).
1-15 Jan: Jury deliberation.
18 Jan: Announcement of winners (10 Best Photos, 1 from each country)
Camera Canon EOS 1300D (worth around 500 euro) for each winner from each country.
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